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Moroccan Rugs California

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Why Everyone Who Lives In California Should Own At Least One Vintage Berber Moroccan Rug

Everyone knows that a rug is an excellent way to add comfort and style to a room. A beautiful rug will pull together all of the elements of a room, bringing out the different colors of your décor and giving the room a nice cozy feeling. Vintage Berber rugs from Morocco have unique qualities that make them especially fitting for anyone living in California. Here are a few reasons why every Californian should own at least one:

They are one of a kind

The worst thing you can choose in a rug is something mass-produced that every Mid-Century Modern home has in its living room. With a vintage Berber Moroccan rug, no two are going to be alike. Each one is handcrafted in the villages of Morocco from the mountains to the Sahara dunes. These rugs feature an entirely unique arrangement of colors and patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. Not only does this make each rug very special and collectible, but it also makes them excellent gifts.

Each rug reflects the personality of its weaver

Interior design is all about showing off your personality and style with rich and interesting décor. Berber rugs from Morocco don’t come off the factory line; a weaver crafts each one with loving care, infusing it with their own personality and history. Whether you buy a Beni Ourain mug from the Mid-Atlas Mountains or an Azilal rugs from the High Atlas Mountains, you’re getting a rug that carries with it the history of that tribe.

The colors match the landscapes of California

These Berber rugs were woven with the inspiration of the colors of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, which just so happen to be quite similar to the surrounding Californian landscapes. From the vibrant rust colors of the desert rocks to the gorgeous plums of the sunset, these rugs will fit right into Southern California. Whether you’re in the desert of Palm Springs or the suburbs of Culver City, you’ll be delighted with a rug that evokes the natural beauty of the landscapes of California.

They bring energy, warmth, and healing to your home

Rugs are meant to bring warmth and comfort to a home. They add a little comfort to those stylish hardwood floors by providing a soft place for your feet to land at the end of the day. But Berber Moroccan rugs have a special healing energy they bring in addition to that warmth. Whether they’re woven with organic goat and camel hairs or natural sheep wools, these rugs are made with materials that radiate the beauty of nature. This natural healing energy infuses the rest of your home’s décor and entices your guests to stay and relax.

If you’re a Californian looking for a way to add some warmth and unique personality to your home, look no further. A vintage Berber Moroccan rugs is sure to be the foundation of a happy home.